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Shalom Construction LTD

is a premier infrastructure development contractor

in the republic of South Sudan

We bring Quality, Reliability, and Engineering

Excellence to every project

Excellence to every project we undertake


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Leaders in Infrastructure Development

Shalom Construction Ltd is a premier infrastructure development contractor in the Republic of South Sudan. Since its establishment in 2012, Shalom Construction has been building highways, bridges, earth roads, and other transportation infrastructure across the country.

Powering Economic Growth through Infrastructure Development

Shalom Construction was initiated to play a prominent role in the development of critical transportation infrastructure across the country. Robust transportation infrastructure is the key driver of improved access to markets, quick access to healthcare and education, fast responses to internal conflict, efficient management of food products, and overall economic growth. Therefore, Shalom Construction offers its advanced civil engineering expertise, procurement knowledge, and construction experience to launch rapid transportation infrastructure development across the country.

Our Services

Over the years, we have leveraged our expertise in civil engineering to spread our breadth of services to include a variety of infrastructure development projects, including urban development projects, bulk earth works, and more..

Bulk Earthworks

We specialize in the removal and addition of large quantities of soil and rock from one area to another area in earthwork projects that require comprehensive services like deep excavations, soil disposals, removal of unformed stones, levelling and engineered de-watering.

Infrastructure Works

We deploy professional team of engineers, project managers, and skilled workers to execute infrastructure projects like water supply lines, underground cables, stormwater drainages, culverts, domestic or commercial sewerage connections and drainages.


We transport heavy engineering machinery, construction materials, and other project-specific materials to and from work sites affordably. We introduce predictability to transportation expenses.

Deep Excavation

We leverage a combination of industry-leading expertise, world-class talent, and specialized machinery to lay deep foundations for buildings, tunnels, and other projects as per client specifications within the desired budget and time limits.

Road Building & Maintenance

We specialize in laying formation, sub-base and road-base courses that offer high strength, durability, and stability for the roads. Over the years, we have developed and perfected proprietary methods that deliver high-quality results consistently.

Hiring Equipment & Machinery

In addition to supplying building materials and excavated materials, Shalom Construction also offers earth moving equipment for hire. These include excavators, bulldozers, production trucks, graders, backhoes, generators, and other heavy engineering equipment.

Do you need professionals to build your next dream project?

Shalom Construction brings Quality, Reliability, and Engineering Excellence to every project we undertake.

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